Teatox Detox

This week’s product of the week has been our hottest buy  as of late ! The Iaso detox tea is probably one of the greatest on the market ! No additives , no fillers, no unnecessary ingredients just herbs and results . This powerful  tea is composed of 9 different herbs from around the globe to offer you the best and most gentle detox ever. The best part ?  You don’t have to skip a meal or eat differently to reap the benefits of the cleanse either!  There are over 25 benefits from incorporating this tea into your diet . The benefits range from stress relieve to weight loss. You can actually google Iaso tea to find out what all it can do for you don’t just take my word for it  .  Last but not least  detoxing benefits everyone ! With all of the processed foods , the  Happy Hour meetings , meats pumped with hormones and antibiotics our bodies need to be recharged and rejuvenated . It’s kind of like the concept of an oil change in a car. You have to pull out all of the gunk and make sure you have clean oil in the car in order for it run right . The same applies to your body ! So do your body good and check out the “teatox” we have available .

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