Hair serum that works wonders...

The Hair serum by Breedlove Beauty Co . isn't something that should be over looked . I have been using it for months now and I absolutely love it ! Most recently I discovered that  it works very well to relieve the initial discomfort of braided hair styles (the itching). Yes ladies that would include sew-ins so no more rat tail combs and head patting !! The medicine dropper applicator allows you to get to your scalp with ease , mess free and  with out disturbing your new do ! I don't recommend anything I don't  use or haven't tried so trust me on this one you wont regret it . Now down to the technical details . I can't reveal the master recipe ... mostly because i don't have it but nonetheless  I can tell you that it's a blend of 11 oils that have more hair and skin benefits than I can type. The best part about that is you aren't limited to just using the oil on your hair ! You can add it to you normal skin care regime as well ... bonus of using all natural/organic products . You often get a two for one deal ! Check it out in our store and  post your reviews below, you won't regret it  !

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