Product of the week !

This product is one of my absolute favs. ! It's hand made by Breedlove Beauty Co and a little goes a long way so 4 oz can last you for quite some time .  The scent is gender neutral so don't worry guys you too can have great healthy skin without the fear of smelling like fruits and  flowers  :) ! It's packed with vitamins and nutrients that are absolutely essential to keeping your skin looking youthful and most importantly healthy . The Shea butter and Avocado oil duo help to retain moisture to keep your skin hydrated for longer . This is one product you could never go wrong with , it's excellent for all skin types and even can help sooth and minimize skin irritations and diseases . Try it out and tell us how it works for you !!

 Tip: Pairing the body butter with the Rose hip seed oil  (also by Breedlove Beauty Co. ) does absolute wonders, it also allows the body butter to rub into the skin more effortlessly. 

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