" Say Goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor bumps"

Most people have probably never heard of Camellia oil . Which is a shame because its AMAZING !   It's also known as tea seed oil and should really be considered an essential oil for the skin . Its known to be an emollient , Anti -aging , anti-microbial , anti-mutation, an astringent and an anti-inflammatory just to say the least ! Well what does all of that mean ?  Basically its a great moisturizer , tightens pores, reduces wrinkles , can prevent cells from mutating in to cancerous cells,  and keeps the skin free of swelling and harmful bacteria . Sounds great right ?  Well you're in luck.  Camellia Alise is brand that has taken this jewel and crafted some excellent shaving products for your skin .  All of the products are all natural , hand-crafted and created by a licensed medical Aesthetician ! It's great for all skin types so ..what more could you ask for ?! No more razor bumps ! No more itchy skin or irritation ! Just soft , smooth , healthy glowing skin ! Check out all of our Camellia Alise products and place your order  TODAY !

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