Why Buy Organic ??

Why is it better to buy organic when its more expensive ? I think it’s more obvious in terms of food products . Fewer pesticides, fresher food, better for the environment ,and no added hormones or antibiotics are just a few of the benefits . But why would you switch your personal care, beauty products, and household items as well ? Well for starters its also more environmentally friendly ! Most people don’t think about where their products come from when they purchase them , but organic products require chemical free farms, are normally packaged with recycled material and the process to make the products is normally much cleaner ; especially if the products are handmade! What does this mean for you ? It means you can breathe easier because there are less pollutants in the air, it means you can help keep plastics out of our water supply and oceans , and you can even help lessen the global warming rate . Not enough to convince you to switch ? Well what about the simple fact they Organic products are better for your skin and your overall health . Put plain and simple if you wouldn’t rub random chemicals directly on your skin in the name of beauty or hygiene then why use products that are made with the random chemicals ? The FDA basically could care less about what goes into your favorite facial masks , foundation, or hair products. In fact they probably never will until thousands of reported cases of ailments or death  are linked directly to some chemicals found in those products . This means companies can literally put whatever they want in the products they sell . A lot of the ingredients in the products are often reasons people have bad acne , break outs , dull looking skin,  or even expedited wrinkles . All natural products do the opposite 100% of the time providing nutrients to the skin, often revitalizing skin cells to keep that youthful appearance . Health wise people often forget that everything you put onto your skin is essentially absorbed into your body ! Yes this means it gets into the blood stream and finds its way all around the body . It’s kind of scary to think about really . Now you may be asking well why haven’t I gotten sick yet if the chemicals are so bad for me ? The answer to that is simple as well anything in small doses isn’t harmful until its compounded. So overtime you will eventually reap the harvest of what you have partaken in . If I eat a whole cake  today I won’t be 50 pounds overweight 5 mins. later or even tomorrow.  However if I repeat that behavior daily for an extended period of time the obesity and health problems will definitely be sure to follow . So the question shouldn’t be why buy organic. I think the real question should be why wouldn’t you want to invest in your long term health to just look and feel better ?

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